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Derry City Council has five district electoral areas, comprising 30 electoral wards, situated between the Sperrin Mountains and the Donegal Hills, with the City itself straddling the River Foyle. Recognised as the Regional City of the North West of Ireland, Derry is the second largest urban settlement in Northern Ireland and the fourth largest on the island of Ireland.

Besides being an important centre within the Council district, the City plays a wider role within the North West of Ireland. Its hinterland includes the neighbouring Districts of Strabane, Limavady and Magherafelt and parts of Donegal and further afield. The population of this wider North Western region is more than 300,000. Derry City Council is one of the largest of the twenty-six district councils in Northern Ireland, serving a population of approximately 107,000.

A large percentage of the Council area is rural in nature with 509 farms registered to addresses in the area in 2004 and a total agricultural labour force at that time of 1044 persons.

The City offers a wide range of attractions for visitors including the historic walls, and the Tower Museum and is an important centre for the arts, accommodating the Millennium Forum, the Nerve Centre, the Playhouse and a diverse range of community arts groups as well as staging numerous events such as the Halloween Festival, the Doire Feis and the Jazz Festival.

Despite these strengths, not everyone in the district has shared its success. This Corporate Plan aims to help address some of the disadvantage and exclusion that exists.

This disadvantage and exclusion is evidenced by higher than average levels of unemployment, widening income differentials and the polarisation of communities. With the Council district ranked as number three in Northern Ireland with regard to multiple deprivation, there are significant challenges.

To find out more about your Councillor and the decisions made by Council, the meetings and publication sections will take you through all the decisions made through Council Committees.

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